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I have been interested in programming and tech for a while, but building a professional career in this field with my Psychology Degree and HR background seemed to me as almost impossible. A couple of years ago I finally asked myself — what if I can do this even without Computer Science Degree?

There are lots of ways to learn programming, and everyone has their own unique path. Here I am going to share some tips based solely on my experience.

Create a learning plan

It took me 3 years from the idea to become a Software Developer to my first job offer. Though…

This is the first part of a multi-part series about my experience with Jetpack Compose. I wanted to share how easy it is to build Android apps with this new UI toolkit from Google. In this series, we will take a closer look at the simple weather app I’ve built for AndroidDevChallenge.

Dark and Light Themes

So what exactly is Jetpack Compose?

It’s a new UI toolkit that uses a declarative approach to programming. No more XML files, you can just describe your UI with composable functions that take in data and emit UI elements. Every time the app state changes UI updates automatically. So you can focus on building…

Anna Medvedieva

Android Developer

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